New Military Rings

New Military Rings for enlisted personnel. Long before the modern world, military rings had a history seeped in tradition. Early Romans and Greeks wore rings as a sign of military prowess and it was considered a great honor to be awarded this piece of jewelry.

What has changed over time is the design and materials used to create such a ring. Today, you’ll find gold, and silver rings that are strikingly beautiful. Semi-precious stones can be inset on top of the rings and engravings down the sides ensure that personalization is the primary goal.

New Military Rings

All branches of the United States Armed Forces have military rings. Some are worn only upon graduation from one of the military academies. Others are used to commemorate a specific deployment or operation. You will also find many military members who wear a ring designed to simply showcase their military careers. Ordering military rings is very simply and can be done online in just a few minutes.

In addition, you will find that you can have these rings shipped almost anywhere in the world. This makes a ring a great gift idea for those who are stationed overseas.

New Military rings are available in three different styles. The most popular resembles a high school or college class ring. Usually made from silver or gold, it also has the semi-precious stone in the top. Most people choose to use their birthstone in this type of ring, although any date or event can be commemorated. The sides of the ring feature beautiful engraving and the sky is the limit on what might be featured here. Branch emblems, unit insignias, aircraft, ships, or military operation symbols have all been used to create a ring that is unique to the wearer.
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New Military Rings Style

The second style of ring is more traditional. It is a signet ring and its clean, elegant lines make this a great choice to wear with the military dress uniform. The top of the ring usually has a branch crest of unit insignia and it may be engraved or raised. In some cases, this area of the ring is also colored, which makes it even more beautiful. The sides of the ring are bare, adding to the simplicity. However, the third style of ring features a the same top, but also has engravings on the sides.

One of the features of military rings that is much appreciated is the engraving on the inside the band. This area can contain a short message, the owner’s initials, or a special date. Not only is this personalization a nice attribute of the ring, it also makes it is much easier to identify the ring if it is ever lost or stolen.

In closing, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for your loved one or if you want to commemorate a special time in your military career, then military rings are a terrific choice. Because of the personalization that these rings allow, it’s easy to create a special memento of your time in the military.

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