Marine Corps Rings

Marine Corps Rings that will display your service history with pride. If you’re considering buying a Marine Corp ring for yourself or for a loved one, there are a few things to consider. Many of the rings available today are crafted from beautiful precious metals. Gold and silver are very popular, but so are other metals, such as Celestrium. The latter is a somewhat stronger silver-toned metal. A great choice for Marines that will wear their rings on a daily basis. It’s more resistant to scratches than the softer gold and silver metals are.

marine corps rings
Marine Corps Rings which can be designed to display your name and other USMC details.

Custom Marine Corps Rings

All Rings Available in Gold and Silver. There are several styles of Marine Corps rings also available. The most popular is the classic signet ring. The Marine Corp seal is on the top and may be engraved or raised. The sides may also be engraved with various emblems and insignia’s. Many Marines prefer the clean, elegant look of a ring with nothing on the sides.

navy rings of pride

There are also Marine Corp Rings available that have a semi-precious stone set in the top. These rings look a traditional class ring and there are dozens of emblems and insignia that can be placed under the stone or down the sides. It’s easier than ever to order Marine Corps rings today. You can do all the research right online and then place your order.

Marine Corps Gifts

Most of the custom made rings take between two and four weeks to be shipped, so it’s important to remember that if the ring will be a gift to a friend or loved one. You will also need to know what size of ring your loved one wears. Most rings can be resized, but who really wants to go through the trouble?

marine corps rings

In closing, if you would like to recognize someone’s service in the Marines, then a beautiful Marine ring is the perfect gift. You can even have the inside of the band engraved with a short message or the recipient’s initials. Marine Corps rings are a fantastic way to show someone how much you appreciate their service and sacrifice that makes a Marine, a Marine. We source and sell a range of Marine Corps Gifts, please click here for more information.