Airforce Rings

Airforce Rings can be engraved to make the completely personalized. Primarily responsible for aerial defense and warfare, the US Air Force is the youngest branch of the United States military. Nothing can match it for sheer speed, power and reach. The Air Force is cruise missiles and ICBMs.  Fighter planes flashing by and slower bombers and troop transport planes. It’s air dominance  pure and simple. It’s mighty power is symbolized by Air Force rings.  All this is true, but it’s not the whole story. All that power and technology would mean nothing without the skill and dedication of the people who serve in the Air Force. It is the largest and most technologically advanced in the world.

us airforce rings
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Airforce Rings Engraved

We need the men and women who soar high above us. The computer operators, the maintenance crews and the logistics teams are the best. We need them, because without them nothing would work. They all protect us by defending our skies, in peace and during times of war. Nothing can truly repay them, but we can honor them and show our thanks by giving a past or present member a beautifully engraved Air Force ring.

Airforce Rings Honor and Commemorate

There’s no better way to honor their dedication, their service and their sacrifices than an Air Force that symbolizes their skill, their strength of character and their commitment. Air Force rings featuring the Silver Star and Blue Ribbons emblem are designed to symbolize a person’s service in the Air Force without getting into specifics. Other Air Force rings reflect service in a specific command, flying group or squadron, usually by utilizing the unit’s coat of arms or crest.

Airforce rings can also be designed to show service during a particular war or operation such as Operation Enduring Freedom, the Gulf War or the Vietnam War. Still other types of Air Force rings incorporate a specific combat medal, decoration or rank insignia into their design. But however they’re designed, Air Force rings are beautiful and deeply symbolic. Air Force rings generally use one of three underlying designs, all typically available in your choice of sterling silver, yellow gold or white gold.

Styles Of

The first type resembles the class rings you see from high school or university. This style of Air Force ring usually has a colored stone or semi-precious gem in its center and symbolic designs engraved or etched on each side of the stone, continuing down the sides of the band.

The second type of Air Force ring is less ornate, conveying the wearer’s dedication and service in a more understated way. This style sometimes has a central stone or semi-precious gem, but other times its central surface is decorated by a symbolic image that’s engraved into the metal at the top. In keeping with its simple elegance, the sides of the band are usually not engraved or otherwise decorated. The third basic design for an Air Force ring resembles a signet ring or seal crest ring.

This type has no central stone or gem and uses military coats of arms or Air Force insignia as the design at the top of the ring. Many Air Force rings, no matter which underlying design is used, incorporate the beautifully engraved heraldic emblem of a specific branch or command of the Air Force, or if the customer prefers, the emblem of a specific squadron or other Air Force unit. Customized with your personal details Our high-quality Air Force rings are quite striking and feature intricately engraved detail.
airforce rings
Airforce rings can be made even more special by engraving the initials or name of the owner into the band. “Above All” is the motto of the Air Force and its proud and faithful members. They deserve a way to show us their pride, their skill and their dedication. They deserve one of our beautifully crafted Airforce rings.